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Thursday, January 13, 2011

She Said - She Said

Alyssa and Briella are two of a kind - they love to copy each other. Now at times this can be really cute and at other times not so cute.

Cute: When Briella was learning to sit up she would fall over onto a pillow, Alyssa would sit down next to her and say "Sa (alyssa) turn" and she would fall over onto the pillow.

Not so cute: Briella spits up on her blanket, Alyssa spits on the blanket.

Cute: Briella rolls over to her stomach, Alyssa rolls around on the floor.

Not so cute: Briella crys and screams in the car because she is hungry, Alyssa crys and screams because it is funny to copy Bella

Actually, I have to admit it is all pretty cute - except maybe for the last one.

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