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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Today you turned 3


Today you turned 3 years old - I can't believe it! You have turned into such a sweet little lady. You are so polite always saying please and thank you. You're Dad and I are so proud of the little girl you have become.

You love your sister so much - always wanting to play with her. You show her how to do everything (good and bad :-) ) and you are so patient with her. Sometimes when you are playing with her in her bedroom you get frustrated and let out a big sigh and say "Buggy Diane!!!" It is so cute!!!

We had a great time at your party today, most of your family was here and Denise, Darin and Hunter stopped by too. You had a Toy Story party. When you got up this morning you had a new play kitchen and you loved it. You kept saying "I love my birthday party" and the party hadn't even started yet. Again, just so sweet.

Even though you are my oldest daughter you will always be my sweet little girl. I love you Alyssa Joy with everything I have and I cannot wait to share many more birthdays with you. Happy Birthday my love!!!

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